"The very notion of being an engaged public intellectual is neither foreign to, nor a violation of, what it means to be an academic scholar, but central to its very definition."

- Public Intellectuals against the Neoliberal University


Links to interviews

Henry Giroux - America in Revolt Discussion

interview with Anthony Clemons and Henry A. Giroux | THE GCAS REVIEW | June 12, 2020


The system has to be stopped: On state terror and collective rebellion.

interview with Chuck Mertz and Henry A. Giroux | This Is Hell! | June 2, 2020

COVID-19 And The Plague Of Neoliberalism With Henry Giroux

interview with Allen Ruff and Henry A. Giroux | WORT 89.9FM | April 16, 2020

My Interview with Julian Casablancas and Dr. Henry Giroux

interview with Olivia Fava  | CFMU | March 2, 2020


#214 | The Unforeseen: Neoliberal Ideology & Paving The Road Towards Fascism w/ Henry Giroux

interview with host Patrick Farnsworth  | Last Born in the Darkness | October 10, 2019

Henry Giroux on Fascism!

interview with host Kris Welch  | 94.1KPFA | September 11, 2019


Background Briefing with Ian Masters

interview with host Ian Masters  | July 23, 2019



interview with Esther Iverem | ‘ON THE GROUND'  - F-Word segment | July 26, 2019


The Corporatization of Public Education and The Rise of Fascism

interview with Suzanne LaGrande | KBOO: Our Broken Education System: What Happened and What We Can Do About it?  | June 21, 2019

VIDEO - Public Lecture - Henry Giroux Political Protest on Campus: Reclaiming the Past, Imagining the Future

Public Lecture @ CCCB | Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona  | May 6, 2019

The US Not Immune to a Fascist Takeover By a Demagogue

interview with  Ian Masters | Background Briefing  | February 12, 2019

Dr. Henry Giroux: Flirting with Fascism: America's New Path?

interview produced by Mary O'Connell | CBC Radio  | November 29, 2018


Dr. Henry Giroux On California Shooting & Sessions Firing

interview with Margaret Prescod and Henry A. Giroux | Sojourner Truth  | November 10, 2018


Henry A. Giroux on American Nightmare

interview with Jerry Quickley and Henry A. Giroux | This Is Happening | October 12, 2018


Henry A. Giroux on How Destroying Public Space Means Destroying Dissent

interview with Jerry Quickley and Henry A. Giroux | This Is Happening | September 12, 2018


Neoliberal Fascism and the Echoes of History with Henry Giroux 

interview with Allen Ruff and Henry A. Giroux | WORT 89.9FM | September 6, 2018


Facing the Challenge of Fascism in Trump's America | Dr. Henry Giroux  interview with Background Briefing with Ian Masters | August 2, 2018

Conversations with Remarkable Minds | Dr. Henry Giroux  interview with The Gary Null Show | July 27, 2018


American Nightmare: Facing the Challenge of Fascism | Dr. Henry Giroux  interview with The Majority Report with Sam Seder | June 26, 2018


Is Trump Committing "State Terrorism"?

By Henry Giroux and Charles Adler | Charles Adler Tonight | June 20, 2018

The War on Children under Neoliberal Fascism

By Henry Giroux and Mickey Huff | Truthout | June 19, 2018

Henry Giroux on American Nightmare: Facing the Challenge of Fascism

By Mickey Huff and Chase Palmieri | Project Censored | June 18, 2018


The FreshEd Podcast FreshEd #106 – The Challenge of Fascism 

Interview with Will Brehm | March 5, 2018

"Violence Is in the DNA of American Society": Henry Giroux on Gun Violence and Administration Agendas 

By Allen Ruff and Henry A. Giroux | A Public Affair | February 19, 2018 

The Culture of Violence in America's Disposable Society - Henry Giroux 

Background Briefing with Ian Masters | February 16, 2018

The Culture of Violence in America's Disposable Society - Henry Giroux 

Background Briefing with Ian Masters | February 16, 2018 

'We need to make the connection between teaching, education and democracy loud and clear' 

Simon Creasey | TES | 9th February 2018

Henry Giroux: America At War With Itself 

November 29, 2017 | Audio Segment

Countering the Right-Wing Takeover of the US: An Interview With Henry A. Giroux

Background Briefing with Ian Masters | November 28, 2017 

Conversations With Remarkable Minds 

The Gary Null Show | October 18, 2017

Culmination of a Counterrevolution 

Antidote Zine, Episode 972: Collapsism | October 10, 2017

Henry Giroux – The Author of “The Public in Peril: Trump and the Menace of American Authoritarianism” 

Written by Robert Blackmon | August 25, 2017

Henry Giroux on a Politics of Cruelty Without Euphemisms 

By Mickey Huff, Truthout | July 27, 2017 

Dr. Henry Giroux explains Neoliberal Attacks on Education 

The Rick Smith Show Interview with Rick Smith | February 14, 2017

Trump Denies Making Vulgar Comments 

CTV News Channel | January 14, 2017

Trump, Authoritarianism and Resistance 

By Michael Slate, KPFK The Michael Slate Show | November 25, 2016

"America at War with Itself," 

By Joy LaClaire | Forthright Radio | September 14, 2016 

"Do Donald Trump’s policies flirt with the ideals of fascism?" 

By Rob Lorei | 88.5 WMNF Radio | December 03, 2015

Henry Giroux on What the Left Must Do to Resist Anti-Intellectualism and the Ultra-Rich

By Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff | The Project Censored Show | November 6, 2015

"Henry A. Giroux Discusses Political Frauds and the Ghost of Totalitarianism," 

By Ian Masters | Background Briefing | 22 September 2015

"Neoliberalism, Violence and Resistance: A Discussion on Forthright Radio Monday,"

Henry A. Giroux | Truthout | August 24, 2015 

Radio interview on Gary Null Show 

Progressive Radio Network | June 22, 2015

Radio interview on The Visionary Activist Show hosted by Caroline Casey 

94.1 KPFZ | June 4, 2015 

Radio Interview with Paul Kennedy of CBC Radio Ideas

Drawing on his book, Disposable Youth, scholar Henry Giroux speaks at the SPUR lecture in Toronto about how America is abandoning its youth. | April 17, 2015

The Michael Slate Show 1/2 

January 2, 2015

Interview on Pacifica Radio

August 21, 2014

Derrick Jensen Resistance Radio w/ Henry Giroux 

Radio Interview | July 6, 2014

"Zombie Politics and Youth in Revolt" 

With Henry A. Giroux | Air Occupy | February 20, 2014


Interview with Rob Lorei | January 14, 2014

While Washington Celebrates the Budget Deal, 1.3 Million Americans are Cut Loose into Poverty; Zombie Politics and America's Education Defecit 

By Ian Masters and Henry A. Giroux | December 11, 2013

Episode 112: Dr. Henry Giroux on the Pedagogy of Oppression 

By Guy Evans | Smells like Human Spirit | December 5, 2013

Henry Giroux on the Gary Null Show

Progressive Radio Network | August 7, 2013

The Sojourner Truth Program, Pacifica Radio 

Radio Interview | December 19, 2012

"The Collapse of American Education," 

The Gary Null Show | Progressive Radio Network | December 10, 2012

"Henry Giroux On the Corporatization of American Education," 

By Allan Gregg | TVO | Podcast | August 30, 2012

The Gary Null Show 

Radio Interview | July 25, 2012

The Sojourner Truth Program, Pacifica Radio 

By Margaret Prescod | __________

Violence, USA: An Interview with Henry A. Giroux

By Michael Slate and Henry A Giroux | The Michael Slate Show | May 7, 2012

Assessing the Republican Commander-in-Chief Debate; More on Dismal Choices and Declining Public Morality; Big Sports and Corporate Power in Higher Education 

Interview with Ian Masters | November 13, 2011

"Henry A. Giroux: Penn State Crisis - the Failure of the University," 

Radio interview by: Chris Spannos | NYTimes eXaminer | November 10, 2011

The Gary Null Show

Radio Interview | June 20, 2011

Radio Interview With Henry A. Giroux
By Steve Lendman | The Progressive Radio News Hour | December 25, 2010


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