"The very notion of being an engaged public intellectual is neither foreign to, nor a violation of, what it means to be an academic scholar, but central to its very definition."

- Public Intellectuals against the Neoliberal University


Links to interviews

Henry A. Giroux: It Is Impossible to Be Radical Without Being Optimistic in the Pandemic Age

Henry Giroux interview with Pablo Rivera Vargas & Ezequiel Passeron, Faro Digital - May 7, 2020 @ Truthout

The role of Educators and Public Scholarship in a Time of Tyranny

Henry Giroux, Public Lecture - 31 Oct. 2019 @ Universitat de Barcelona

Political Protest on Campus: Reclaiming the Past, Imagining the Future

Henry Giroux, Public Lecture - 6 May 2019 @ CCCB


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