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"The very notion of being an engaged public intellectual is neither foreign to, nor a violation of, what it means to be an academic scholar, but central to its very definition."

- Public Intellectuals against the Neoliberal University


Links to interviews

Interview with Henry Giroux | CHCH Trending Now | November 7, 2023

Interview with Hadi Azad  |CHCH News | August 2, 2023

Interview with Travis Smiley | History and humanities | February 2, 2023

Interview with Chris McNutt | Human Restoration Project | July 26, 2022 

Fascism Is Not an Exaggeration

David Pakman Show | September 12, 2021

The age of manufactured ignorance

Interview with Chris Hedges  | On Contact | September 10, 2021


Distinguished Lecture Series - Department of English Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi, India

Interview with Sakshi Dogra & Dr. Simi Malhotra | Department of English Jamia Millia Islamia | August 27, 2021

2 Encuentro de Pedagogías Críticas: Henry Giroux/Antonia Darder

Interview with Antonia Darder, Fernando Santana | Otras Voces En Educación | July 13, 2021

An Interview with Prof. Henry Giroux | Oxford Political Review

Interview with Mats Licht, OPR | Oxford Political Review | July 21, 2021

Henry Giroux: “Those arguing that education should be neutral are really arguing for a version of education in which nobody is accountable”

Interview with João França | CCCBLAB | July 2, 2019

5 Henry Giroux - Pedagogy, Power, and Moral Witnessing in Dangerous Times (Full Interview)

Hosted by Amy Sojot and Alex Means | Collective Intellectualities | May 8, 2021

Resisting far-right and neoliberal agenda in education: the stance of critical educators

Hosted by Anastasios Liambas | The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki | April 9, 2021

Critical Pedagogy, Fascist Culture and Hope in Dark Times

#iJADE2021​ Keynote | NSEAD inspirations | March 30, 2021

Three Fundamentalisms Are Driving the Resurgence of Fascist Politics in the US

Rising Up with Sonali Kolhatkar | Truthout | March 29, 2021


Jan 6th, Fascistization, and Education – Henry Giroux 
Listen to Podcast | Watch Video Interview interview with Paul Jay  | February 7, 2021


An interview with Henry Giroux - critical pedagogy, politics, hope, and the crucial relevance of higher education and education as a cultural force in the current moment

Henry Giroux - interview with Thijmen Sprakel, editor of in the Netherlands - Dec 22, 2020 @ via YouTube


A conversation with Henry Giroux - Education, Democracy and Neoliberalism

Henry Giroux - The documentary is a partnership between Instituto NUTES, from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and the Department of Cultural Studies, from McMaster University in Canada. - Nov 23, 2020 @ Instituto NUTES via YouTube

Henry Giroux "Critical Pedagogy, Fascist Culture and Hope in Dark Times"

Henry Giroux Opening Conference II International Congress Education and Inclusion from the South. Ministry of Education of the Government of the province of Tierra del Fuego - Nov 9, 2020 @ YouTube (Gabriel Brener)

Henry A. Giroux: It Is Impossible to Be Radical Without Being Optimistic in the Pandemic Age

Henry Giroux interview with Pablo Rivera Vargas & Ezequiel Passeron, Faro Digital - May 7, 2020 @ Truthout

The role of Educators and Public Scholarship in a Time of Tyranny

Henry Giroux, Public Lecture - 31 Oct. 2019 @ Universitat de Barcelona

Political Protest on Campus: Reclaiming the Past, Imagining the Future

Henry Giroux, Public Lecture - 6 May 2019 @ CCCB

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